I’m so lucky Andrew enjoys yardwork

The other day, when I saw my father-in-law …. I made a point of thanking him for making Andrew do yardwork growing up.

Now that we have our house …. and the summer weather is warming up …. Andrew LOVES spending his mornings or afternoons or whenever he happens to be off work out doing yardwork.

Lucky me! !

The first task was cleaning up the wreck of a front/side yard … You can see in this BEFORE photo … In the shade (bottom right of the photo) he has started raking that area….. Months, if not years worth of twigs and leaves all built up on the hill.

I posted some other yardwork photos here … but this is a better look at the ‘after’

Some other yardwork he did one afternoon while I was at work – which means I didn’t get a proper BEFORE photo ….

You can see a little bit of it in this photo below:

In the left of the photo you can see this little area marked off with cinder block and wood stakes and some kind of green mesh.

I *assume* it used to be a garden of some kind, but A) it’s mostly in the shade because of the trees, B) I haven’t decided where I want a garden and C) good lord it’s ugly.

So Andrew took it all out.

The after (and after several months of not mowing the lawn)

LOTS more work to do …. but I can tell a difference ….

I am SO grateful for Andrew and his incredible work ethic …..

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