I have bad luck with toes

Only 12 hours before I got the phone call to meet Andrew in the emergency room, he SWORE to me that he’d pamper me and take care of me and make sure I stayed off my feet.

That obviously didn’t work out.

But, you see, I am apparently terrible at walking, stubbed my toe REALLY badly walking up the stair and have been hobbling around all week.

When I was little, I injured the exact same foot, basically the exact same way. I was running to jump into a swimming pool, stubbed my toe and ripped 2 toenails off.

True story.

So now, after smashing my big toe on the same foot, I feel like I’m just waiting for the toenail to come off! I’ve been wearing slippers to work since the toe is still so swollen.

I have bad luck with toes.

(you’re welcome for not posting a photo of the injury itself)

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