DIY: personalizing house keys

This is the first time in our whole marriage that we are living somewhere that we plan to stay for awhile.

We actually intend to unpack all our boxes! We haven’t YET, of course, but since we’re not in the moving-in-a-year-or-two mindset, we really can make this place a home.

And part of that means giving copies of our keys to some friends and family.

The other day, on a routine trip to Lowe’s we got about 5 copies of our house key made. Just in case.

As these keys look exactly like everyone else’s keys I wanted to personalize them just a tiny bit so future key-holders would know that this is their access to Schubert HQ….

We still have a bit of paint leftover from painting the living room, and I LOVE love love that green, so I just pulled it out.

stirred it up a bit …

And then dipped *just the tip* of the key in the paint.


REALLY just dip a tiny tiny bit. It will still be enough to mark the key, but if you dip any more, the hole in the key (where the ring goes through) will fill with paint …   and the paint will get globby and dry strangely.

Ask me how I know.

SO I dipped all 5 of them ….

Now our spare keys are marked with a little bitty green to identify them as SchubertHQ keys.

I think the paint may eventually peel off, but at least initially they’ll be identifiable.

Do you do anything special for your spare keys?

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  • linda t June 22, 2012, 7:49 am

    Such a great idea!

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