Scotland: flights home

The last day of our trip on Friday was AWFUL.

Left Aberfeldy at 7am.

Just Andrew and I, luckily, so one else could make us late.

I had a sore throat and the beginnings of a head cold.

We returned the rental car (after missing the airport off-ramp because we were driving INTO the sunrise).

We checked in at our ticket counter and were informed our plane had been rescheduled for an hour later (which they didn’t tell us when we checked in online the night before).

Except it wasn’t an hour … it was closer to 2 hours.

So long, in fact, that we had time to get me sore-throat lozenges… plus lunch… plus went and found the rest of my family who left 2 hours after us and whose plane took off before ours.

So that’s awesome.

Flight to Newark and my head cold in earnest (so I start hoarding napkins, Kleenex and paper towels)

Land in Newark at 4:15p – our connecting flight is at 430p! Ha!

We still have to get our luggage and go through customs… Which wasn’t terrible but they were understaffed.

Finally go wait in line so Continental can get us on another flight.

Woman in front of us throws a temper tantrum.

Get up to the counter, informed we were rescheduled for a 5:30 flight but we missed that too…

So we get put on a 7:30 flight. Same as the temper tantrum lady, actually.

So we got some more airport food … And Andrew’s head cold is now coming on.

About 30 minutes before we are supposed to board they change gates. Awesome.

PLUS all this time (at Newark) it is raining and thundering… so more flights are canceled or delayed so the airport is getting CROWDED …

And Andrew and I are both sniffling like crazy.

We finally board about 8:30p … and then don’t take off til 9:30p or so.

With both Andrew and I sick and awake now for almost 24 hours.

We both slept a bit on the plane to LAX, finally landing, getting luggage, getting picked  up and getting home around 1a.

26+ hours after we stared.

And then Andrew had to work the next day.

I still can’t wait to go back :)

Do you have any horrendous travel stories?

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  • Michelle May 7, 2012, 8:54 am

    Coming home from Ireland was awful. I had strategically made sure I had a three hour layover in LAX because I had to get from the international gates to Southwest gates to fly home to Phoenix. However, the plane in Ireland was broken and we had to get a new plane which took two hours, when I finally landed in LAX I hopped on the tram, ran as fast as I could, checked in, just to learn at the gate that my flight had left early. So, I got on standby for the next flight, then the next flight, then the next… Finally, I got on the last flight, flew home, and my ride was nowhere to be found. Also my cell phone was dead so I couldn’t call anyone. Called Danielle collect to come and get me… I should have been home by 5pm but didn’t get home until 11pm. Next time I will make sure the layover is 5 hours!

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