Schubert HQ to-do list

Just after we closed Escrow, my brain was going CRAZY trying to remember all the things that HAD to be done to Headquarters, as well as all my ideas for sprucing up the place beyond just making it livable.

In order to organize these plans, as well as *try* to keep track of what we’re spending, and to keep track of what we still want to do, I created a Google Doc for Andrew and I to share. Although, I’m not sure he’s ever looked at it.

Regardless, I now have a record of all the work that has been done to the house and all the things we want to do moving forward. Now that the kitchen is installed, the windows no longer leak and the house is LIVABLE, the rest of our To-Dos are primarily dependent on our cash flow.

So, some of these may stay undone for awhile.

But, so you can keep track along with us ….

Tasks that were basically completed before we moved in

  • remove all the trash and debris from the house
  • remove all the cabinets/counter from the kitchen
  • remove all mold from kitchen
  • remove all old floors throughout house
  • fix hole in kitchen ceiling
  • fix floorboards in bedroom
  • fix bathroom/kitchen leaks
  • new floors upstairs
  • new floors downstairs
  • paint all rooms (white)
  • take out fake closet in downstairs bedroom
  • reinforce beam below upstairs bedroom
  • replace broken front window
  • trim tree on side yard
  • get rid of mold in garage
  • add dining room light
  • new garage door opener
  • rekeyed front door

To be done after we moved in (March 10). Some of these are BIG (buy washer and dryer). Some of these are SMALL (buy hanging basket for kitchen). The crossed out items have been completed as of 5/2… almost entirely thanks to Andrew:

  • replace floor in front of garage
  • replace door into garage
  • fix AC going out of garage
  • paint exterior / red front door
  • new roof
  • rafters in garage
  • trim tree pushing on light post
  • scrape all ceilings
  • replace thermostat
  • replace all the windows with double panes
  • install solar panels
  • garage: add shelves above washer and dryer
  • garage: buy washer and dryer
  • master bathroom: new floor
  • master bathroom: shower door hanging crooked
  • master bathroom: clean clean clean
  • master bathroom: buy trashcan
  • master bathroom: buy TP roll holder
  • master bathroom: basket for TP
  • master bathroom: paint?
  • master bathroom: buy/hang towel racks
  • master bathroom: new toilet?
  • master bathroom: shelves?
  • master bathroom: light cover over sink
  • master bathroom: new floor
  • master bathroom: new vanity/sink
  • master bedroom: paint
  • master bedroom: hang curtain rod
  • master bedroom: blinds
  • master bedroom: hang artwork
  • master bedroom: buy/hang curtains
  • master bedroom: window screen
  • master bedroom: bookcases?
  • master bedroom: full length mirror
  • master bedroom: bedside tables
  • master bedroom: bedside lamps
  • master bedroom: hooks in closet interior
  • guest bedroom: blinds
  • guest bedroom: bed
  • guest bedroom: rug
  • guest bedroom: small dresser
  • guest bedroom: ceiling fan
  • guest bedroom: mirror
  • guest bedroom: hang artwork
  • guest bedroom: paint
  • guest bathroom: new vanity
  • guest bathroom: new floor
  • guest bathroom: new tub
  • guest bathroom: fix shower
  • guest bathroom: new toilet
  • guest bathroom: big mirror
  • guest bathroom: new floor boards
  • guest bathroom: paint
  • guest bathroom: buy TP holder
  • guest bathroom: towel racks
  • guest bathroom: buy shower rod
  • guest bathroom: hang shower curtain
  • living room: see about building cupboard under stairs
  • living room: paint
  • living room: hem curtains
  • living room: rug
  • living room: smaller armchair
  • living room: make coffee table
  • living room: new or refinished entertainment center
  • living room: better lighting
  • living room: lamp for corner
  • living room: DVD shelves
  • living room: side tables
  • living room: window screen
  • dining room: paint
  • dining room: window screen
  • dining room: rug
  • dining room: new table
  • dining room: chairs
  • dining room: artwork?
  • sitting room: sand blast fireplace
  • sitting room: add bricks to fireplace
  • sitting room: add mantle to fireplace
  • sitting room: paint
  • sitting room: hang artwork
  • sitting room: get armchair
  • sitting room: rug
  • sitting room: side tables
  • sitting room: new gas line for fireplace
  • Amy’s office: window screen
  • Amy’s office: window blinds
  • Amy’s office: bookshelves
  • Amy’s office: chalkboard paint
  • Amy’s office ceiling fan
  • Amy’s office: scrapbook bookshelf
  • Andrew’s office: window screen
  • office bathroom: new vanity/sink
  • office bathroom: new floor
  • office bathroom: new tub?
  • office bathroom: paint
  • office bathroom: shelving or towel racks?
  • office bathroom: rehang doors so they close
  • kitchen: cabinet hardware
  • kitchen: Oven/range/hood
  • kitchen: dishwasher
  • kitchen: cabinet hardware installation
  • kitchen: sink
  • kitchen: faucet
  • replace kitchen cabinets
  • replace kitchen counters
  • replace kitchen tile
  • recaulk back windows
  • kitchen: backsplash
  • kitchen: hanging basket for onions/etc
  • kitchen: hooks for aprons
  • kitchen: artwork
  • kitchen: rug for by sink
  • front yard: add porch to front of house
  • front yard: replace posts (brick)
  • front yard: create brick front porch
  • front yard: flower bed in front of porch
  • front yard: add lighting (to path/garage)
  • front yard: clean up/decorate entry way
  • front yard: weed around tree
  • front yard: trim tree
  • front yard: till/plant grass
  • front yard: clean or remove gravel
  • backyard: replace shelf under kitchen window
  • backyard: remove “garden”
  • backyard: remove palm tree
  • backyard: fix flooding issue
  • backyard: mow grass
  • backyard: build trellis/patio overhang
  • backyard: plant trees
  • sideyard: rebuild wall
  • sideyard: install gate
  • sideyard: remove dirt/rocks against house
  • sideyard: install cement/brick walkway
  • sideyard: remove lombardi tree
  • sideyard: clean leaves/debris from hill
  • sideyard: plant ground cover on hill

I’m pretty sure this is not all … But we’ll keep you posted ….

Any ideas for Schubert HQ?

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  • Allie May 5, 2012, 10:15 am

    Your to-do list makes me feel a little bit better about the monstrosity that is our to-do list. I swear, every day, my husband comes home with another stack of post-its that he’s written MORE to-do lists on!

    I can’t wait to get started, and I can’t wait to see more of your “afters” for your house!!

    An office tour soon?!?!?

  • Nancy May 10, 2012, 5:09 am

    I’m so sad that we sold our washer and dryer last month. It could have been used even as a temporary one from you. Sorry.

  • Janine September 26, 2012, 11:38 pm

    This reminds me that I have to install these new window blinds perth. The old ones are barely hanging.

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