a day at home

Now that we have bought our house … our days off together are FILLED with house work. Our to-do list is plenty long to keep us busy for awhile, and it’s so nice to work on those things TOGETHER.

Team Schubert.

At the end of April, Andrew and I had a Sunday together ….

I think this shot below is the closest I’ll get to a ‘BEFORE’ shot of this side yard … Full of leaves and twigs and junk.

Not only yardwork – which he had to quit when the trash barrel was full – but touching up paint in the guest room and the living room ….

Around 5p Fernando called us and invited us over – one of the perks of living in SCV!

They live only a mile and a half away, so we stopped by the grocery store (a few blocks from our house) for drinks and headed over for pizza with Fernando and Jessica….

I got a bunch of ideas for our backyard from visiting F&J

Lovely lovely Sunday …. these are the kinds of days I would do all the time if we had more days off together ….

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  • Michelle May 18, 2012, 8:14 am

    Andrew could be a model. That picture of him next to the tree is lovely! I can’t wait to see your house

  • Nancy May 21, 2012, 8:52 am

    I love the photo of Andrew in the front yard! It could be an advertisement for a landscaping show! What a handsome husband you have.

    Can’t wait to see everything in person.

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