Scotland: Urquhart Castle (part 2)

So, after lunch at Urquhart … and after spending as much time as possible waiting for Kevin and Chelsea, we decided to go on to the Castle itself

The castle itself feels a lot bigger than it looks – especially since a couple of the towers still have working stairs. In one corner, you can go down a flight, or up 2 flights from the ground-level.

(Of course, the stairwells are extremely narrow and a bit claustrophobic – but that’s no reason not to explore).

The castle had one small gate, with a path leading down to the water. Easier to defend that way, I assume.

So we spent about an hour wandering around the castle ruins …. Until Kevin and Chelsea got there.

Then we spent another hour or so wandering around the castle some more …. Laughing, taking photos, and such until we were politely asked to leave by a castle guide.

Not even close to sunset, but apparently they close at 6p.

SO gorgeous ….. wait til you see the drive home …. coming up next!

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  • Michelle March 8, 2012, 7:13 am

    I really like that last picture of everyone walking towards you.

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