Luckily for our movers, more than half of our belongings are in storage ….. But that still left a BUNCH of stuff in our little 1 bedroom apartment to pack.

I tried packing up most of it in the weeks leading up to the move – hard to really determine what/how much to pack as we didn’t have a set move-in date until about a week before…..

Some glimpses at the progress….

The Friday before we moved in, I took the day off work and Andrew and I drove up to Santa Clarita.

Our contractor lives just a few blocks from our new house, so we went up to his house to pick up our new keys and garage door openers (both of which he installed for us)…..

Just a quick visit to say hi and thank you and we’ll talk soon when the kitchen is installed …. and then drive a couple blocks back to OUR HOUSE!

This was my first time seeing all the work done on the house …. Andrew had been by a couple times just to see how it was going, but all I had was a couple iPhone photos to go off of ….

I tried to talk Andrew into carrying me over the threshold, but he was having none of it :)

GAH! I LOVE the floor …. love it love it love it ….. It’s exactly the color I had in mind :)

After just a quick pop-in, Andrew and I ran out to some errands …. to Lowe’s for some screws and to lunch….

SO! We got to park in the garage for the first time …. like grown-ups :)

I’m hoping we can keep the garage clear of STUFF as long as possible ….

We also picked up a little wood-floor-swiffer type thing at Lowe’s ….. Good thing since all the drywall dust from the non-floor in the kitchen was getting tracked everywhere already!

I really wanted to do a full photo shoot in the empty house before we moved in, but no money and no time so this little self-portrait will have to suffice….

Then, for the rest of the day, Andrew went to work at the studio and I went to work packing up the rest of the house ….

I must have washed newsprint off my hands about 10 times, just from wrapping up all the dishes …

finishing the salsa so we can empty the fridge before moving

stacks of STUFF that just needs to go in a box somewhere

using the hammer to take down wall-nails and such

We actually got pretty much everything done Friday night …. Luckily, so we could go to bed at a reasonable hour and get up early for MOVING DAY!

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  • Michelle March 22, 2012, 1:25 pm

    I love the floor and that stair case can’t wait to see more

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