Moving day!

March 10, 2012 …. Team Schubert moves into Schubert Headquarters:

First, I’ll say that we hired movers. Even though we really could have used the money we spent, I found that the expense was totally worth it in NOT breaking our backs. NOT stressing about getting our king-size bed and fridge down stairs (and up again in the case of the bed). NOT stressing about having to guilt our friends into helping us. NOT spending 12 hours doing physical labor (which I am clearly not built for).

Totally worth it.

Our movers were scheduled to arrive sometime after 11a … So Andrew and I got up about 630a to do the finishing bits of packing – including taking apart the bed frame:

Once most all of the PACKING was done, we loaded up my car with the important things and the difficult-to-move things (like dirty laundry, my camera equipment, internet cables, etc), and I headed up to the NEW HOUSE on my own!

priorities: setting up the iPod dock

this is our kitchen. Dusty floor. Nothing in it but an oven

I made a run to the local grocery store (paper towels, water and non-refrigerated snacks), and then got to work on CLEANING

The bathrooms, in particular needed help. Plus this front window was just a disaster ….. hard water spots and packing tape goo (from the ‘this house is vacant’ signs)

I ended up using the blade of a box cutter to scrape some – not all – of this off

Andrew’s dad came by in the afternoon to hang our front curtains for us!

SO grateful…. Not something I could have done on my own, I’m sure, and Andrew was busy with other things

evidence of dust-tracking

The moving truck finally got to the house around 4p or so….

When Andrew booked, he told them we just had a 1 bedroom with a few large pieces of furniture …..

Apparently we should have been more clear about how much non-furniture stuff we have (books, records, etc), because we think they should have sent 3 guys instead of 2!

It’s so weird having someone else move you, when you’re just sitting around the house trying not to get in the way.

There was still cleaning to do, but some friends and family stopped by to see the house and get a little tour, so mostly we just hung out and sometimes directed where to take boxes or furniture

those poor guys

Photo below by Jenae….. Me sitting in a corner of the family room, surrounded by stuff that doesn’t yet have a home (alcohol, extra toilet paper, etc)

The corner of the window deceived Andy …. One side is not quite a squared off corner, so that side of the curtain rod was slightly higher than the other…..  The front room gets darker sooner than the back of the house, so we found the 1 light available and plugged it in there.

Photo below by Jenae

Photo below by Jenae. That is a KING-size bed, so yeah. The master bedroom is ridiculously big.

Photo below by Jenae

I made sure I knew exactly where the sheets were….. Big star on the side of the box and everything. I was DETERMINED to sleep comfortably our first night….

Team Schubert self-portrait near the end of the long day. We are lit only by the hall light since we don’t own enough lamps to fill this place

Julie wasn’t able to come over at all that day (too bad, I would have put her to work :)  ), but she made tacos for dinner and invited us over….

So grateful for that, since we have no kitchen to cook and we’re basically out of money to go out to eat ….

Long day.

Happy day.

SO grateful for Andrew and all he has done for me and for our home ….

so we live in Santa Clarita now! Let me know if you want to stop by!

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  • Serena March 24, 2012, 5:47 pm

    So glad you guys got moved in! I know what a pain moving is and totally concur about hiring movers.

  • jenae March 26, 2012, 8:56 am

    Amy!!!! where’s my breakfast?!?!!?!? :)

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