• I don’t really have any intention of getting a tattoo, but I love this idea for a design
  • I love this kid
  • this cast looks fantastic, and I LOVE Jamie Bell and Elizabeth Banks, but I just don’t know if I care about Man on a Ledge
  • Sh*t Nobody Says – love the comment on IKEA furniture :)
  • So, I’ve given up sugar this week starting 2 days ago (Monday). I’ll write a longer post farther into my experiment but so far it’s killing me …
  • more or less. Especially with all the goodies people bring to work….
  • song from Anything Goes – I love both of these performers SO much!
  • be food smart
  • saddest ever
  • The Power of Poop : curing diseases by “fecal matter transplant” …. true story. I would TOTALLY try this!
  • I’ve been listening to the Freakonomics podcast for several days and I totally miss academia
  • When we’re super rich one of the first things I’m going to do is go back to school (for film, history and now sociology)

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  • FrenchCannesCannes February 7, 2012, 4:49 am

    how did no sugar go? I have no idea how you did that … I would surely die.

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