• 5 ways to display photos in your home
  • loved Moneyball. The casting was fantastic all around….
  • excited about this new TV show SMASH …. about musical theater? Um, yes please!
  • Hoping it will be less ridiculous than GLEE
  • The pilot episode is (was?) available for a free download on iTunes and I.AM.IN.LOVE with it …. I can’t stop thinking about it! I can’t wait!
  • I love this
  • seasonal produce guide
  • posts like this make me think Andrew and I could do a lot of work around our new house ourselves …. but AFTER all the work is done for us to move in.
  • around 2 weeks for the contractor to do all of it …. versus MONTHS for Andrew and I to figure out how to do it all around our work schedules.

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