Scotland: radio station

{The following is journaling from Andrew}

Anybody that knows me knows that I love music. It’s an obsession and it’s my life. I hate to not be listening to music, especially if I’m driving. I like that if I hear a song when I’m driving that in the future it will act as a trigger for me to remember a certain part of the drive.

I was thrilled to be listening to Scottish radio programming. Just to hear how different it would be from American radio. Scotland has a ton of great bands, especially for a country so small. The few radio stations that we listened to turned out to be truly eclectic.

My first real day of driving was Sunday and I spent hours alone in the car driving and listening to Heartland FM!

Of all the stations we listened to, Heartland was the best!

I heard Scottish bands such as Idlewild and Teenage Fanclub.

The first time Amy and I turned the station on, they were playing American Roots music – Johnny Cash and some other American acts. Shortly after that was a classical program that played songs about weather. Later in the evening was a gospel music program. Just very eclectic.

Whenever we listened and it wasn’t a genre-oriented program it seemed like the most random music – from cheezy British pop to death metal to 80s new wave all in 15 minutes.

There was even a ‘Requests’ program where the DJ would spend 5 minutes talking and listing off songs that people had requested. He’d name a song and say that it was a brilliant choice, and 5 minutes later play a totally random song.

THEN interrupt the song for more talking and listing …. It was hilarious!

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  • Julie November 4, 2011, 8:28 am

    Sounds like it was fun and interesting.

  • Kevin December 2, 2011, 9:38 pm

    What I remember was that the stations were either completely random, or played the same 4 dance songs over and over again. I swear I heard “Moves like Jagger” 50,000 times while I was there. Is that a dance song? I don’t know. Either way it’s horrible.

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