Scotland: 2 more Saturday stories

When we arrived on Friday, I read in the check-in materials that we needed to turn the water heater on. Every single outlet and appliance had an on/off switch – including the water heater.

So, since there would be 6 of us showering, I turned on the water heater ASAP Friday night.

But then Saturday morning ….

Both parents took showers.

Andrew took a shower that was starting to cool down halfway through.

I took a shower that was totally cold.

… and when I got out of the shower and Chelsea was in the shower we realized the hot water heater had been turned off.

It’s not clear WHEN but my guess is sometime before Andrew’s shower.

… and though she CLAIMS not to remember, Mom sure looked guilty when we realized the hot water heater had been turned off!


The following is quoted DIRECTLY from my mom’s blog … It’s a great story, and I know some of you don’t read her site:

I visited a few other stores, but nothing really jumped out at me that I HAD to have.  Then I spotted The Scottish Deli and their sign in the window that read “Scotland Deli of the Year 2011″.   Despite Scotland’s reputation for having relatively bland, boring food, I had to see what this little place had to offer.  Inside the cozy shop that could only accommodate 2 employees and a few customers I found some wonderful surprises.  The huge blackboard behind the counter listed about 30 different sandwiches available.  There were unique treats like Smoked Local Duck with Chilli Jam or Dunked Local Smoked Salmon with Star Anis & Pink Peppercorn Mustard.  It was such a creative variety that I was disappointed that it wasn’t meal time.  I vowed to bring the gang back to have a meal here or to order some of their picnic lunches to go.

The Scottish Deli - PitlochryThe Scottish Deli – Pitlochry,Scotland

While I was there I wanted to at least pick up some cheese and crackers that we could all enjoy in the room.  I browsed the various artisan cheeses in the case and asked the woman behind the counter to wrap up a Scottish Gouda as well as an Isle of Mull Cheddar to compliment the crackers I found. Then it was time to pay.   The register was in a corner of the deli area with a counter about 2 feet wide and there was already an older woman being served by the young man behind the counter.   She was having some difficulty with her bag and needed to have her items transferred to a new one.  Simultaneously I was paying for the cheese and crackers at the same small counter.  Soon the older woman was finished and walked out of the store.  Since I was waiting for them to give me my cheese, I stood at the counter, finalized my payment and looked at the clerks.

They looked at me as if to say, “I think we’re finished.  You can leave now.”.  But I still didn’t have the cheese that they had wrapped up behind the counter.

I’m sure I looked puzzled as I stood there and finally asked, “…my cheese?”

They both looked at each other and blurted out, “Oh no!  Mrs. McDougall must have taken it!”  The young woman tore out from behind the counter, ran out the door and down the street shouting for Mrs. McDougall while the young man apologized profusely about the missing cheese.  A few minutes later the young woman returned, a little out of breath, with my purchase.  She apologized again, we all had a good laugh and all was right with the world.

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  • Nancy October 27, 2011, 12:43 pm

    Fun stuff! Thanks for sharing it. I wish we had gone back for sandwiches.

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