on cars and living in L.A.

I had a different blog post planned for today … but the beauty of running your own blog is you can change the schedule whenever you like!

Gas is now about $4.25/gallon by our house!

Not a typo. It’s absurd.

We have been saving on gas this week though …. Now that we’re down to one car.

Yep. That’s right.

Down to ONE CAR at the moment.

Tuesday around noon, Andrew left for work …. and came right up back to the apartment about 10 minutes later:

“Um, my car isn’t where I parked it. So I’m going to take your car and drive around the neighborhood and look.”

OK. Awesome. Exactly the way I was planning on spending my mid-April this year.

It’s now Thursday. Day 3 with 1 car. …..

Those of you who have seen it know Andrew’s car is nothing special. 1996 Honda Accord. Really, people. ~$2200 ? What possible reason would someone have for stealing it?

I keep hoping we’ll get that phone call saying it was abandoned perfectly fine a few blocks away. Joy ride, right?


But, the good news is:
One of my coworkers lives just down the street AND works the same shift as me, so I’ve been able to get a ride to work.

The other good news is:
With gas at $4+/gallon I probably should have been carpooling all along

The other good news is:
We HAVE plenty of $ to get a new car. Luckily. There’s no need to apply for a last-minute car loan or anything. That fact alone keeps this from being a stressful situation.

The bad news is:
That $$ was supposed to be for our house down payment. Sigh.

But, living in Los Angeles, with our way different schedules and work locations we’re going to have to get another car soon. It’s nice that my co-worker can take me to work this week … but I’m sure he would appreciate the OPTION of not having to.

L.A. is simply based on a car-culture. I don’t have the option of taking public transportation to work.

Andrew could ride his bike to work, but he runs so many errands as part of his job, he needs a car too.

So, we’re shopping for a second car!

What kind of car do you drive? Do you like it?

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  • Maggie April 14, 2011, 10:40 am

    I love my 05 Camry! It’s got to be the most boring car on earth, but in the 3 years I’ve had mine it has never needed a single repair (aside from now needing the tires replaced). And it gets good mileage.

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