Lake Mendota, WI

Here is a video of frozen Lake Mendota, one of two lakes that define the isthmus which Madison, WI was built upon. The other is Lake Menona (which I did not visit). I don’t recall ever looking out onto a frozen lake before….and it was so cold (at least for me, and I was wearing 2 jackets and a scarf wrapped around my head)! I also felt the pull of the lake asking me to attempt to walk out to the center of it. However, I did not want to die so I did not walk onto the frozen water.

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  • Nancy April 4, 2011, 12:34 pm

    Oh, Andrew, we used to have such a blast walking out on Lake Erie! We would play all day out there. It sounds like the wind was cold where you were and looks like it was melted at the shore (I think) which would mean, it was probably not safe to walk out on.

    My brother (Rusty) used to go on it in the spring when the ice was breaking up – really stupid! He fell in at least once and almost couldn’t get out. Really really stupid.

    I wish I had pictures of when we used to go out on the lake.

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