Holiday party with Keegan Grosses

This year marks the second holiday season Andrew and I have gotten together with some of his friends from high school for a party and baking.

Which, I guess, makes it an annual tradition.

We spent the earlier part of the day doing photos with Maggie (then I to furiously finish up the last few posts for the L&R blog party) … then back over to the Keegan Grosses’ around dinner time.

We brought a salad from Olive Garden …. Which, I kind of wish I could get every day. Those things are gooooood …..

Maggie – superstar that she is – gifted us with prints of a couple of the photos she had taken earlier in the day!

(Maggie had taken anniversary portraits for Betsy and Justin too and gave them a couple prints)

We rounded out the night by making some of these delicious dark ginger cookies …. mmm …. Maggie – this reminds me I want the recipe!

I feel like I at 4 or 5 that night …. But I couldn’t possibly have, right?

Awesome way to ring in the new year …. !!!

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