Scary Movie October nights

The last couple years Andrew and I have established our new favorite family tradition: during the month of October we watch ONLY scary movies. In fact, we don’t watch scary movies at any other time of the year. Only in October.

I’d like to think that we’re spreading the joy – we’ve had several Movie Nights this month. About 3x more than we have during the rest of the year.

I didn’t really take any photos of our movie nights. Sorry.


The Strangers with Nik and Theresa

We spent one of the first Friday nights of October with Nik and Theresa. Nik is one of Andrew’s co-workers and they live just a block or so away from us.

So, on a Friday night I got home from work about 10:30 or so…. The fall weather was just beginning so Andrew had all the windows open as well as our back door leading to the balcony. It was lovely. We left them open (windows and door) while we were gone, hoping to cool down the house.

Since Nik and Theresa live only just down the street we walked down to their apartment with our goodies for making apple cider.

Theresa had made cupcakes; I prepped the apple cider, and we debated what movie to watch.

They had InDemand on their television, but had also requested The Strangers from Netflix.

True story: I think The Strangers was the scariest movie we watched all month.

The movie follows a young couple in the guy’s parents’ secluded vacation home, and they spend hours in the middle of the night being terrorized by masked, anonymous strangers.

Frightening. I honestly half expected to see masked intruders around every corner in our apartment for DAYS.

And, of course, once the movie was over we remembered that we had to walk home (in the middle of the night). AND we had left the backdoor open at home.


We lived through it. Don’t worry.

Scream with Josh and Maggie

One Saturday night in October (after Andrew got home from work) we headed up to Santa Clarita to do movie night with the Keegan Grosses.

It’s always funny to go over to Maggie and Josh’s apartment at night and have to pretend we’re not there in case Eleanor wakes up and wanders out. She is just ENAMORED with Andrew and it would be hard to get her back to bed once she saw him.

We (again) brought ingredients to make apple cider and Maggie had made some (yummy) pumpkin/cheesecake brownies. Very very rich, but delicious.

We watched Scream. Which Andrew and I watched (I think) last year, and Maggie and Josh had seen years ago. But it’s still a great scary movie. My favorite part is when Jamie Kennedy’s character lectures about the scary-movie-rules. Awesome.

Is it nerdy that I’m kind of looking forward to Scream 4?


The Last House on the Left, A Haunting in Connecticut and Session 9 with the Schuberts


Kind of a whole Sunday-evening hangout with Andrew’s sister, cousin, brother and his girlfriend (Kaitlin, Chris, Daniel and Jenae).

I had made a big double batch of rice krispy treats. They got devoured.

Also: apple cider.

What can I say? It’s a fall Team Schubert tradition.

It’s hard to watch movies with that many people sometimes. Especially when parts of the movie is just ridiculous and easy to make fun of.

But creepy abandoned psychiatric hospitals are always scary.


Since this is being posted Friday, I’ll tell you that we have plans for another movie night tonight. Hopefully with apple cider. And I’m thinking about making s’mores on our stovetop.

We have a couple more days left in October, and then we’ll get back to OTHER movies/TV shows….. and I’ll start blogging again about how much I love Fox Mulder.

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  • Nancy October 29, 2010, 8:22 pm

    Wish we could have a movie night together…but it doesn’t have to be a scary one.

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