• 10 reasons to adopt a rescue puppy
  • Every few months my office has been ‘winning’ gift cards …. recently I got $125 to spend at and it was soo fun!
  • books are awesome.
  • Have you been reading Lemon and Raspberry? This week I’m posting a whole series about Delivering Happiness (a recent book I read)
  • yearly planner – I love this!
  • top 10 haunted hotels in America
  • creating recipes is so fun!
  • brilliant Americans
  • deliberately uninformed
  • time traveler found in Chaplin movie?
  • things every woman should have by 30
  • I heard somewhere that bell peppers are in season late autumn …. Does anyone know anything about that?
  • Thinking about signing up for for the free trial + 2 free audio books. Any recommendations?
  • I’ve been re-reading the Harry Potter books. Again.
  • I plan to finish them in time for the newest movie mid-November
  • I really enjoy Scary-Movie-October, but I’m definitely looking forward to watching something else next week
  • I miss Fox Mulder
  • We’ve been making a lot of rice krispy treats lately
  • It’s getting to be hoodie weather! My favorite!
  • I can wear cardigans all year round, but it’s only in winter that I can wear my cozy hooded sweatshirts
  • Andrew got me some cute rain boots. I’ll try to take photos next time it rains
  • We are currently addicted to iPhone games. Angry Birds and Cut the Rope. And Andrew’s got another one that he really likes.
  • Rocky Horror Glee Show last night. Did you see it?
  • No photo of the week this week …. I don’t have room on my harddrive for any new files!

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  • Jenny Gross October 28, 2010, 7:17 am

    HAHA I love the before 30 list! I am going to re-post!

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