• dooce’s office remodel – 2 things: I want those small round side tables. I WANT THEM. and … those cords? those ports throughout the wall? insane.
  • A friend of mine from Phoenix is coming into town this weekend to visit … any suggestions on what we should do?
  • I think we’re going to do some touristy stuff
  • I should clean the house before she gets here
  • want
  • I didn’t swim in our pool once this summer. Lame.
  • and yet, Andrew thinks he wants to buy a house with a pool
  • A Cat Cafe? For real!!!?
  • I miss school
  • Mad Men on the cover of this week’s Rolling Stone
  • excited for Glee and The Office and 30 Rock to start up again. At least those shows I can watch on
  • 52 ways to use your library card
  • excited to show y’all my new lens!
  • I’m not really liking the decaf coffee we have in the house
  • Andrew started playing Harry Potter LEGO this week on the Wii … I kind of LOVE that game
  • We still only have folding chairs in our kitchen. We really need to start looking at estate sales/etc for real chairs
  • Photo of the week (our basil plant is TOTALLY flourishing compared to a few weeks ago):

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  • Julie September 8, 2010, 6:23 am

    Andy and I were just talking about checking Netflix to see if last seasons The Office and 30 Rock are available. Looking forward to it.
    I think you will use your own pool more than the apt. pool. (Just giving my un-asked for opinion)
    love you both.

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