Our last day in Italy – our last day in Rome.

We did another Angel Tours Rome tour …. this time of the Vatican Museum (and Sistine Chapel).

I’ve mentioned before how I love Angel Tours. Highly recommended. Love love them.

This particular tour they got more attendees than they expected. But to counter that, without even asking us, they refunded us all about 10% per ticket since the group was a bit larger than usual.

Awesome. Classy. Wonderful customer service.

I LOVE them.

Also, I LOOOOOVE our guide – Jimmy (I think). Irish. 20s. Angela describes him as having too much info in his head to get out and that leads him to talk really fast and excitedly. He certainly is animated! I LOVE him.

Seriously, Jimmy. If you read this, you can come visit us in L.A. ANYTIME.  xo

Remember that long line of people in St. Peter’s square? yea, we skipped all that.


We walked around to the other side completely and started with the Vatican museum. (Also, somehow I was at the front of the group talking to Jimmy as we walked. I wonder how that happened.)

Note: We did the Vatican museum which INCLUDES the Sistine Chapel, and then drops you off right at the entrance to St. Peter’s Basilica and you get to skip the line. True story.

This sculpture is one of a handful of REPLICAS of the original : Laocoon and His Sons. Time frame ranging from about 160 to about 20 BC.

True story: When the sculpture was originally discovered, the arm (the one that is up and holding the snake) was broken off at the elbow and missing. The ‘authorities’ brought in something like 9 or 10 sculptors to have them take a look and figure out how the broken piece should look. They all said the same thing, except Michelangelo.

Years later, when the broken piece was found it turns out they were all wrong. Except Michelangelo. The arm should bend at the elbow and come down – something Michelangelo knew from looking at the position of the muscles in the back and shoulder (learned from studying cadavers).

That’s how we know this is a replica. It was made before the missing piece was found.

Jimmy telling us about this sarcophagus (below)

And – the ORIGINAL Laocoon (and the correct arm). Check out the Wikipedia article for more details about the restoration (as late as mid 20th century)

P.S. Michelangelo was A) all over the place during this week and B) a genius

P.P.S. You can see the different color in the broken off part.

This sculpture below was believed to be what ‘The Thinker‘ was based on (notice the positioning of the torso)

Big (expensive) bathtub …. those emperors and their luxuries!

For Constantine’s mother and daughter … 2 HUGE sarcophagi made of red porphyry – a stone extremely rare and ridiculously expensive

That was just part 1 – and really only a tiny piece of everything we saw, which itself was only a tiny piece of the whole museum. I think we skipped over the Egpyt section of the museum all together ….

…. but the Vatican museum really has some unique pieces …. so amazing!

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  • Angela March 25, 2010, 1:49 pm

    Devo, not the jealous guy by any means…wouldnt let me continue to talk endlessly about Jimmy because it started to bother him.

    Ahh…Jimmy…cute, smart, irish…:)

    Wish we could have gone to the Vatican. I am a little less sad when I see your posts though. I get to see it 2nd hand and, by golly, its better than not at all. :)

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