Continuing on our Thursday morning, in Florence, at Santa Croce …..

(Every once in awhile I remember to take a self portrait, or Andrew kindly asks if I want him to take a picture of me. ….. proves I was there, right?)

also: I was wearing Andrew’s glasses for a little bit because my eyes aren’t so good at seeing far away. Which is why I’m going to go to the eye doctor sometime this year.

Santa_Croce  034

Andrew loved the skulls. Lots of skulls on the grave/tomb markers. Pretty morbid, to us. But I’m sure it was stylish at the time … .

Santa_Croce  033

I love this pic below. Just look at the size of this place! And the scaffolding ….. but the high ceilings and the big open area in the middle, with that high window…. love.

Santa_Croce  032

I don’t know what this (below) is, but it definitely looks like the sculpture or painting was removed, huh? So interesting…. look at that texture of the wall. Imagine that the whole place looks like that under the decor ….

Santa_Croce  031

One of the biggie’s I was pretty excited about : Michelangelo’s tomb:

From Rick Steves:

Santa Croce was Michelangelo’s childhood church, as he grew up a block east of here at Via dei Bentaccordi 15 (where nothing but a plaque marks the spot). The tomb, with the allegorical figures of painting, architecture and sculpture, was designed by Michelangelo’s great admirer, the artist/biographer Vasari.

I don’t know if you can tell from the images how big the thing is, but I couldn’t fit it all in one shot ….

We really learned a lot about Michelangelo while we were in Italy (all still to come on the blog, but we saw David, St. Peter’s basilica, the Sistine Chapel, La Pieta and more) …. I feel like it wouldn’t have been a complete trip if we missed this memorial to him. …

Santa_Croce  030

Santa_Croce  029

Santa_Croce  028

Santa_Croce  027

Santa_Croce  026

{sidenote: we saw Angela’s last name ‘Lingrosso’ a lot of places}

Santa_Croce  025

Santa_Croce  024

Scaffolding covered almost half of the art in the church….. kind of disappointing, but they were nice enough to show us what we were missing …

Santa_Croce  023

little bitty nun! I love it!

Santa_Croce  022

and even more skulls

Santa_Croce  021

Santa_Croce  020

Santa_Croce  019

Santa_Croce  018

Santa_Croce  017

Santa_Croce  016

This piece of tunic was revered to be St. Francis of Assisi’s …. for real.

But then I found this article stating it couldn’t possibly be.

However, I also listened to an interview (can’t find the link at the moment) talking about how the actual authenticity of relics is less important than the meaning behind and the respect it receives.


Santa_Croce  015

Santa_Croce  014

I feel a little like we didn’t spend enough time at this church, but it was pretty huge. And overwhelming. And amazingly interesting ….

and yet, still not done here. We next visited the adjacent leather school ….

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  • andrew February 11, 2010, 9:43 am

    I like the picture of the art that we’re missing behind the scaffolding. Reminds me of a Fail Blog entry
    Art Fail or something like that.

  • Nancy February 13, 2010, 2:27 pm

    I’m glad you’re planning to go to the eye doctor soon, since your career depends a lot on the fact that you can see clearly.

    Nice pics!

  • Sarah February 14, 2010, 1:49 pm

    Wow, what a beautiful place! I have a secret crush on stained glass windows. <3

    Great photos!

  • Gina February 27, 2010, 12:41 pm

    Well you would see lots of L’ingresso since it means entrance! Beautiful pics! Hope to see with my own eyes soon.

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