The second stop of our Accidental Tourist Tuscany day excursion was to a second property (I believe owned by the same family) where we were treated to olive oil tasting and wine tasting.

{Check out the other stop we had this day here: Villa Gondi, how to make olive oil, how to make wine }

Below pictured La villa della Pievecchia : the website is in Italian, but I seem to remember that this property acted as a lookout against neighboring armies/etc in the centuries before Italy was all one country.

italy-3  114

Inside it feels like an old farmhouse. … with stone walls, stone floor, HUGE kitchen, narrow hallway. Pretty neat.

In the corner, under one window was a long table set up with wooden benches and chairs, with place settings for all of us.

Time to actually get to taste what we had been learning about! Such a fun way to bring it full circle for us.. ..

italy-3  115

Aly, Steve’s son, cut us fresh bread pieces, sprinkled a little salt (Italian bread is traditionally made without salt), and drizzled on some olive oil ….

italy-3  116

italy-3  117

Oh yum.

yum yum yum

The olive oil – because of the way it is made – is fairly strong and FULL of flavor. Very different from the olive oil you might get here at the grocery store or Olive Garden.

italy-3  118

Then comes the wine.

Now, I don’t drink. I just don’t like alcohol.

But I tried the wine here in Tuscany… because, you know, when else am I going to go to a private Tuscan winery and then get to taste the wine.

I didn’t drink all that much though. And I didn’t have any other wine to compare it to, so Angela or Andrew make sure you comment below and talk about the wine.

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The dessert wine was pretty good.

Andrew and I bought/brought home a bottle. We’re gonna look for a recipe that involves soaking cantelope in dessert wine or something equally luxurious. Leave links in the comments if you have ideas!

And this (of course) was a LEGIT dessert wine. Not the sped-up kind when they add extra sugar or extra alcohol. The legitimate, correctly made Italian dessert wine where the grapes are hung to age and evaporate the moisture before even starting the rest of the wine process.

I’m fairly certain this is considered Vin Santo (which of course has its own specific regulations and processes. So interesting all these details!)….

italy-3  132

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italy-3  135

As we were enjoying the last of the wine and bread, Steve treated us to another surprise.

The man is a trained classical singer. A tenor. Holy Geez!

(because of the acoustics of the room, and to keep from blasting our ears, he walked partway down the hallway. In the pic below he’s standing in the doorway to the hallway).

Steve sang to us. A classical song in his pure tenor.

soo lovely. And such an amazing touch to the day.

italy-3  136

Then we were given the chance to buy.

Of course.

But, you know, it NEVER felt like a sales pitch because we were already in love with the product and gloating over the fact that we got to experience this that none of our friends in America had.

And then we were told we could take some home.


italy-3  137

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italy-3  144

italy-3  145

Andrew and I bought a bottle of the dessert wine, a (big) bottle of olive oil, and little bottles of olive oil for our parents.

italy-3  146

italy-3  147

This was the only wine tasting I’ve ever done …. does it sound different from wine tasting you’ve done here in the States or elsewhere?

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  • linda t January 26, 2010, 4:19 am

    What a memorable experience… wine tasting in Italy! Wow. Loved it Amy. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  • Angela January 26, 2010, 9:26 am

    Yes, the dessert wine was Vin Santo, or holy wine. My favorite too.

    The red wines were absolutely delicious chianti all different maturities.

    The reason the wine and olive oil is brilliant is because it has absolutely no preservatives or sulfites. That means organic (no chemicals at all) and none of those nasty red wine hot flashes and headaches.

    I LOVE the photo of you and the wine glass…you know the one…where you look stunning. LOVE IT!!

  • Nancy January 26, 2010, 11:07 am

    Wow! What an awesome pampering treat from the bride and groom!

    If we had known you were going to be at a winery we would have given you money to buy some for us. Of course, you probably didn’t have room, but maybe they would have shipped it. Oh well…next time.

    I haven’t opened the olive oil yet, because I don’t want to use it frivolously. I can’t wait to have some though.

    Great pics, as always.

  • Jessica January 27, 2010, 11:48 pm

    This is my dream vacation come true–a gastronomic tour of Italy.

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