Feels like Fall

Fall has been in SoCal for a few weeks now …. all of a sudden, it was a Sunday afternoon and I needed socks and a sweater to go outside! Just out of nowhere …. it was heaven.

There are not a lot of trees on our street, so I can’t judge the season by the leaves, but we have other external triggers that make it feel like fall in my heart:

  • craving soup
  • Santa Ana winds
  • apples/peanut butter
  • turning fan off when we sleep
  • apple cider
  • scary movies
  • hoodies
  • watching ‘Band of Brothers’
  • baked potatoes
  • cinnamon in the coffee
  • dry skin
  • scarves
  • candy corn
  • extra blankets
  • wearing socks around the house

I know ‘My So-Called Life’ reminds Maggie of fall … what are some other triggers you have?

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  • Michelle October 26, 2009, 8:22 am

    Well, as you know, October is my favorite month. We have been having some crazy whether here in Tucson. Usually it doesn’t cool down until Oct. 31st however we were at 97 one day and then 79 the next day and then we shot back up to 99 and now we’ve been about 84/85 for the past two weeks.

    I love going to Michael’s and Target in the beginning of October to get some decoration ideas and look at the yarn fall colors. Plus Michael’s always smells like fall cinnamon, I don’t know how to explain it but there is difference between fall cinnamon and winter cinnamon. I buy apple cider and those hot apple cider packets, I bake fudge, pies, and really anything pumpkin. I watch movies that remind me of fall like: “When harry met sally,” “you’ve got mail,” “elf” (even though it’s a Christmas movie I start watching it in the fall), “Cider house rules,” “Sleepless in Seattle,” plus some scary movies like Halloween 1 and 2. Although you know how I am with those scary movies… Did you guys watch the Strangers? I swear it’s the only movie that’s ever scared me.

    And then of course there’s the Corn Maze and Old Tucson Studios that celebrates “Night Fall” and then this year we’re going to Knott’s scary farm which I’m pretty excited about.

  • Michelle October 26, 2009, 8:22 am

    weather* hahaha

  • Julie Schubert October 26, 2009, 9:48 am

    Soup, Soup and more Soup. All I want to eat is soup. I have made soup for dinner 3 times in the past week and a half. First it was Kaitlin and Joe’s Vegetable Soup, then it was Nichole’s Mexican Soup and last it was Baked Potato Sausage Soup. I wish I had some now, but I ate the last of it yesterday for lunch.
    I am lovin’ the cool mornings. Unfortunately, it still gets pretty warm during the day.

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