England – the lost day – Apr 2

For those of you that have traveled internationally, you know what I mean.
For those of you that haven’t … believe me when I tell you … you basically lose a day of your life.

And for me, it happened to be my birthday.

And so we begin …

Thursday, April 2 I left for England … plane at 11am from LAX, so I had to get up early and out the door.

I packed a ton of stuff to do on the plane. … a journal to write in, 2 different books to read, my laptop w/ 3 DVDs of American Drams to watch … not even counting the many many movies/TV shows available for my ‘in flight entertainment’ from the airline.

Image from LAX:



The first little leg of my journey was to Houston. 2.5 hour flight …

I pretty much had a headache the whole time. Note to self: make sure to stock the Excedrin on long flights.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that we were given lunch on the flight. Especially considering my headache was likely in part from not eating.

[sidenote: it is not easy to travel alone. I may have had 30-45 min of waiting, but what a pain to drag all my luggage/carryons to any type of food vendor, buy food, find somewhere to sit, or take it all back to the gate. So I just didn’t eat]

Lunch on the flight was a plain salad (but at least there was a salad) and a hot, breaded chicken sandwich. Not bad.

Plus, a little Hershey bar.

Image from the Houston flight:


Got to Houston w/ a small layover before the long leg of the journey to Heathrow airport.
I think I might start a running list of airports I’ve been to … not quite the same thing as cities I’ve been to, but still interesting…


While waiting for the flight to England, there was this screen in the gate area, flashing info about the flight …

Notice, trip length 9 hours 10 minutes. Yuck. … but that distance of 305 miles is clearly wrong…



The flight from Houston to Heathrow wasn’t so bad …

Plus, I was a good samaritan and was rewarded for it …

I was originally assigned an aisle seat in the front of the cabin … with lots of leg room… but I overheard an older couple talking about how they would try to switch seats with someone so they could sit together. She happened to be right next to me. So I offered to switch with him.

And it happened that he was in the middle seat of an aisle a couple rows back.


I’m such a saint.

Anyway, turns out the row I ended up in only had 2 people. Someone didn’t make it on board for whatever reason. So I moved over and we had an empty seat.

Realistically, it didn’t really make a huge difference in the room I had available to me …. but psychologically it was great to have just that little bit more personal space.

Trying to get comfortable on a plane is such a joke. Every which way I turned I had an armrest in my spine. Or my hands/feet would be in such a position that they’d fall asleep. …

… which is why I’m flying 1st class as soon as I can afford it.

Images from the Houston – Heathrow flight

dinner – another salad and chicken w/ rice


person in front of me reading a Rick Steves book


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  • Andrew April 13, 2009, 5:03 pm

    what a nice person you are to give up your seat.
    Can’t wait to see the rest of the photos

  • NanAZ April 14, 2009, 1:06 pm

    Nice that you had real food on the plane. We’re always on Southwest and just get pretzel mix or whatever. Also nice that you had an empty seat next to you. That doesn’t happen often with Southwest either. Sounds like a relatively good flight.

    Good luck on the first class. It’s ridiculously expensive and even if I had the money, I’m not sure I could justify it. If I had enough miles to get a free upgrade that would definitely be worth it though.

    Sad that you “lost” your birthday this year. Did you at least get to celebrate before you went?

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