So, last we left – Saturday afternoon/evening we left The British Museum about when it closed, walked back to the Tube station, back to St. Paul’s, looking for a place to have dinner.

I didn’t want to be one of those tourists who had to consult the guide book just to see what restaurants Rick Steves has been to. I’m sure everything in London is sanitary. right?

Out in front of St. Paul’s … we walked down this street looking for dinner …


Not too far down we found a pub called Ye Olde London

How creative.

Their menu (posted outside) looked fantastic, though … so in we went. It was my only experience with ‘pub grub’ while I was there … and I’m soo glad for it.


(we sat at a table against the wall with a mirror. My back was to the bar)


First of all, we sat at a table to look over the menu. I guess we must have been there a while, because eventually the bartender came up to us. Must have known we were tourists. We knew we had to order at the bar, but he assumed we didn’t.

So, when he came up, I said, “You didn’t have to come to us. We were going to come to you.”
and he said, “Well, come on then!” …. turned right around and walked away.

Such service.

I’m totally kidding. He was very nice. Kind of a character…. the menu said ‘sausage of the day’ and no where on any board was posted what that was … so I asked. And the bartender said, “um. Apple-something-or-other.”

mmmm. that sounds good.

So that’s what I got. Bangers and mash. …. and let me tell you – amazingly good. The gravy on top was carmelized onions… yum yum yum….

And normally, I would only have been able to eat a fraction of this … but with all the walking I did I finished it off (Miranda had a couple bites).

She had a sandwich with grilled veggies and hummus … also fantastic.


Bartender: we think his name was Tom

See those boys sitting at the table? 4 or 5 of them came in, all with work-looking clothes, all around 6p or so … just had a drink and left. They must work at one of the many many banks in the area.


Partway through our meal, he came up to us and said, “Where’s your camera?” … he was nice, even if he wasn’t …. polished.


After dinner – walked back up the street. We were meeting our tour guide outside the St. Paul’s tube station.


First of all, let me tell you this about the walking tours. Do it.

There are walks all the time at all hours of the day, but the best is that they also have them at night, after most of the touristy things have closed.

They’re 7pounds ($11ish) and last close to 2 hours. Totally totally worth it. Highly informative and entertaining.

If you have the energy after a day of touristing this is such a great way to spend your evening.

While we were waiting, we met another American (Texas, I think) who was in England for a year and I think he was trying to do ALL the tours this company offered …

There were a couple we could have done on Saturday night – but I chose Ghosts of the Old City

ooooh … spooky.

Obviously, spooky ones at night are the best.

Our tour was guided by Shaughan – click here for an audio clip of him doing the walk – featured on the website … he was absolutely incredible.

Also, from the site:

“Shaughan is a distinguished – and stylish – actor (his stage roles range from Frank-n-Furter in The Rocky Horror Show to Sherlock Holmes; his many television credits include Poirot and Miss Marple). A professionally qualified Blue Badge and City of London Guide and the possessor of a fine baritone voice, he usually spices his walks with a song or two. You can hear him here – it’s a grab from his Little Venice walk.”

Soooo glad we got him this night.

But, I will say that seeing all these tour guides made me miss my brother … he’d be great at this kind of thing.




I won’t go into the ghost stories … not quite as creepy when you’re not on location …

But I thought this was cool:

Damage still on one of the walls of St. Bartholemew’s Hospital – from the Blitz (WW2)


After this LOOONG Saturday .. we headed home and went right to bed.

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  • NanAZ April 24, 2009, 9:24 am

    You’re one of the few people I know that likes British food. I guess I’ll have to keep an open mind about it. I think that both you and Kevin would be great at the walking tours, just in different ways. Do you know if they do walking tours in L.A., Hollywood, Melrose, places like that? Maybe when Kevin moves there to go to UCLA the two of you can start a tour company. You could start out local and expand all around the world. It would be a great way to write off all your travel as a business expense. Maybe I could help you with booking Phoenix tours in the winter/spring. Can you imagine all the fun tours you guys could do? that would be awesome!

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