Beach day with Michelle

Read about our day at Disneyland here and here.

That was Saturday. The next day, Sunday, Andrew had to be at work in the afternoon and Michelle was planning on leaving to go back to AZ Sunday afternoon so the 3 of us schemed to spend Sunday morning together.

The first thing we did was order breakfast from Cici’s Cafe .. .one of Andrew’s favorite places (it’s by his work).

Andrew and I shared a Strawberry Dutch (dutch pancakes). … he had been raving (maniacally, really) about this meal for weeks and weeks.


We ate at his work (in that big kitchen) … left Michelle’s car there and the 3 of us piled into Andrew’s car for a trip to the beach. Leo Carrillo. As per usual.








The sand used to go all the way up to this cement step … not really sure what happened …



OK. Remember this day back in August that we went to the beach? If you scroll down part way you’ll see some pics of this cave at Leo Carillo.

When we were there in August, the tide came all the way past the mouth of the cave. There was no way to get through without some serious wading …

But look now …



Any ideas? Do you think that severe tidal change is seasonal?
I wonder …



We were at the beach about 45 minutes before going back to the car (Andrew had to be at work in the next hour or so) …

… but when we got back to the car, we found this:




It was just a ‘smash and grab’ … they saw something they wanted, broke the passenger side window and took it. ….

And if you look at this next pic, you’ll see little broken glass piles all along the street. Which means we weren’t the only ones ..


The scene of the crime. … cars driving by on a Sunday morning, other people parked not far away … how does somebody get away with this kind of thing?


We filed a police report and went on with our day … because of delays and things Michelle didn’t end up leaving CA til the next morning …

…. eventful.

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  • Julie April 6, 2009, 8:31 am

    a sad, sad day. thieves!! they upset me so much!!

    We miss you around here. Can’t wait to hear about the fun you are having with Miranda.

  • NanAZ April 6, 2009, 8:03 pm

    What did they take? The same thing happened when we were in Maui. We had our convertible top down so they didn’t take anything from our car, but hit a car next to us. We also saw broken glass all over the parking area and at every pull-off that we stopped at along that drive. I heard someone say that you should just put everything in the trunk and leave the window open so they don’t break the window. Of course, then they could take your stereo. Sad that people prey on those that are trying to have fun.

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