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Weird week.

I’ve been feeling just a tad bit sick all week. Might have been the chili cheese fries. I took some Pepto Bismal for the first time in my memory. … .

Interviewing at work. It’s very strange to be asked my opinion about the person who will be taking my place. Looks like it’s probably narrowed down to 2 people.

Lots of Netflix this week. I LOVE my Netflix and I’m totally addicted.

I ordered dvds for the last 2 seasons of American Dreams. Bootlegged. I found a webpage; the former fan club for the show leader/president/person contacted the NBC executives who have no plans to release the rest of the show on DVD. So I feel no guilt buying them bootlegged. hopefully their complete and decent quality.

Andrew will be in town tomorrow sometime … don’t know how long. … maybe 2 or 3 days. He probably won’t be here for my birthday.

So, I’m taking off Wed-Fri of next week. For my bday. And for errands. I have a ton of stuff to do before moving, and I won’t have a chance to take time off before I have to be out of the apt.
No definite plans. which is nice.

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  • Kevun March 28, 2008, 8:23 pm

    hey, what do you want by the way? Just something from your amazon list?

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